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We are here to give you more helping hands in making your life more comfortable with just one click of the mouse or of your finger using your phone or pad. You can contact us in different ways and we will make sure to answer your questions and the things that you wanted to know about the company and even with the services that we have here including the products that we are selling. You can choose the different types of services from the list and you will see the possible quotation that you can get once you avail the different services we have here.  

We have the customer service that is available 24 hours that you can contact any time of the day and you don’t have to wait for a long time on the line because we have a lot of representatives to answer your call and we will promise to give you a satisfying customer care from us. We can give you the full quotations of the services that you want as long as you will provide the complete details and information about what you want to get.  

We also have the new service which is the body wax Honolulu where you can get better result after a couple of sessions and we will make sure that you will be satisfied. We can book an appointment for you if you are interested or you want to know something more about the services that we are offering here.