Why Can’t Vacuuming Be an Alternative for Deep Carpet Cleaning?

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Property owners with carpets are suggested to have their carpets regularly vacuumed to keep up the appearance of the carpet and the fluffiness of the fibers, guaranteeing a longer lifespan. Although, using the vacuum cleaner every week or more than that is not all you should do to achieve a long-lasting carpet. You also have to book for a home carpet cleaning. In this article, we will let you know more regarding the advantages you can get with a deep professional cleaning and why vacuuming your carpet isn’t enough: 

Eliminate stains and spots 

Though you can eliminate some dirt embedded in the fibers right after as spill is done by vacuuming, your vacuum won’t stand a chance in removing any old stains and spots. If you have such stains, then your only option would be to ask the help from the experts and use their deep carpet cleaning service. Regardless of it’s a dropped food, spilled wine, or even old stains, the carpet cleaning experts can remove and clean all of it and return your carpet to look like a brand-new carpet.  

Increase indoor air quality 

Sadly, all that accumulated debris and dust just won’t remain within the fibers of the carpets. Rather, it will float up into your indoor air, transporting bacteria and allergens all over your house. To reiterate, vacuuming alone won’t be able to completely keep this from occurring. The only way to resolve this issue and boost your overall indoor air quality is to hire expert carpet cleaners in Oakland 

Minimize allergens 

Bacteria is not the only pollutant you have to worry about, but you’ll also experience the risk of accumulating allergens like pet dander, pollen, and dust allergens. Such allergens can take a toll on anyone’s life, especially those who suffer from bad allergies. Also, vacuuming alone will not help in removing them. The only way to make sure that everyone will breathe easier is by booking for an expert carpet cleaning. Apart from this, you can also deal with your upholstery to eliminate any allergens that are absorbed deep within the carpet fibers.  

Get rid of bacteria 

Your house must be free of germs as much as possible. Meaning, you need to disinfect your surfaces more frequently than usual. Spraying Lysol on your carpeting and vacuuming will not help that much when it comes to removing germs. The only way you can remove the bacteria from your carpet is with the help of a carpet deep cleaning with the help of experts. The cleaning solutions that expert carpet cleaners utilize are especially intended to eliminate detrimental bacteria that can make you sick.  

Maintain the warranty 

Your carpet needs to get some sort of warranty from the manufacturer that provides replacement or repair when anything goes wrong within the first couple of years. Don’t forget to read the fine print since there is a potential requirement that such carpet needs to be expertly cleaned. To maintain the warranty, the most manufacturer will require that the carpet should be deep cleaned every 18-24 months. 

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