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About Us
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Just Transportation Alliances
PO Box 10472
Austin, TX 78766
(512) 451-2634

About Us

Just Transportation Alliances is a project of Texas Citizen Fund, a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to:

  • Provide analysis of consumer issues,
  • Develop alternatives to existing consumer policies, and
  • Build consumer networks across Texas.

Our Mission

To organize people with disabilities, seniors, low-income individuals and other Texans for equitable transportation through state and local alliances. We focus our resources, expertise, and funding on recruiting people with disabilities, seniors, low-income individuals, and other Texans involved with today’s transportation issues.

We provide them with training and resources so they can develop common agendas – Alliances – for action that fit the priorities of their communities.  This way, they can invest their own "seed" resources in each Alliance, and help build each local Alliance for long-term success.

Guiding Principles

Just Transportation Alliances seeks to energize a productive and engaged citizenry to actively seek the participation and leadership of persons with disabilities, seniors, and low-income individuals. We work to build networks between and among participants and to increase the social capital and investment in each of our Alliance communities, partner organizations, and participants. Because each Alliance develops its own priorities and agenda for activities, partners will act on commonly shared objectives and goals aimed at changing transportation decision-making, investment, and policies. These changes provide a focus for support and activities around which diverse organizations and citizens can organize democratically. Such changes also often directly benefit those with access to a car, neighborhoods, communities, and the environment.

Goals and Outcomes

Just Transportation Alliances is working toward the following goals and outcomes:

  1. Formation and growth of eight self-sustaining advocacy Alliances, local networks of trained citizens working together in unprecedented local coordination.
  2. Alliances to also be partners with a Statewide Advocacy Network to promote the development of affordable, accessible transportation systems.
  3. An increase in the quantity and quality of participation by individuals who are disabled, persons 65 years of age or older, those with low income, their families, and their allies in promoting affordable, accessible transportation systems.
  4. The hiring of local coordinators and the solicitation of local funding resources to facilitate the long-term viability and self-sufficiency of each alliance.
  5. An evaluation of the demonstrable effects of a coordinated transportation advocacy network.

2003 Summary of Activities and Accomplishments (Word doc)

State and Federal Policy Priorities of JTA Partners (PDF 160 kb)